Items of Interest

Here on this page I will try to promote some items which will be of interest to you as writers, authors and publishers of books. Some may be other books I may find of interest which could be used as research items and others may be self-help items. Whatever I find IΒ  shall endeavor to ensure all items will be of use to you in some way.

From the Offices of LAW DEPOT
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SuperchargeΒ  Your Sermons 2.0
I come from a background of pastors and choir ministers. I’ve found that sometimes learning how to do something can help you get into the mind of a particular kind of character. This set of lessons has a good grasp of teaching sermons. I could have hooked you up with my dad, but he never taped any of his lessons. πŸ™‚ Anyway, with this set you’ll learn The principles of constructing and presenting sermons by making use of the African American preaching tradition. This 6 month course will provide audio, text, and video lessons.Β  Β Click Here!