It’s the New Year, What Will You Bring?

Well, as you’ve noticed I took a bit of time off after NaNoWriMo to rest tired fingers and a tired mind. Truth be told I got stuck with my novel and my 27,850 words seemed to glare at me from under their little chart on the screen. Taunting me to write more and yet when I went into the actual story I couldn’t seem to find the right words to continue the action. So, I’m looking for a few suggestions from some friends as they review the chapters I’ve written. I tend to get wordy in my descriptions as well as when I just write…(No, really?) (lol)

But on another note, as I look into this new year I’ve been reminded of who I am as an individual. Where I grew up, the history of my family, the culture and what makes up the whole of me. Including the spiritual half. It’s not been a sudden interest. I’ve been looking into my family history for some time as a biographical study. But during the past few days I’ve been speaking with my father who has had no small part in my life. He’s a retired Naval Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy and a licensed baptist minister.

Throughout my life, I can remember sitting in a church or Sunday school class and listening to my father teach. He would always say, “If you have questions, write them down and we’ll discuss them after church.” He also told my brother and I we often asked questions most adults never thought of. This is how I grew up. Oh, my life certainly wasn’t ideal. There were many trials and tribulations (as it were). Our family came close to being broken apart several times due to extenuating circumstances. But the Bible and Scripture was always taught in our family.

As this new year opens my own resolutions have been formed. I have told you of what my life contained because of what I plan for my blog. I still plan to continue writing stories, poetry and other articles. But as I go forward this year I also plan to include a Bible Study of specific canons which were written for both church and pastors.

This came about due to a conversation with my father about how we live our lives as a testament to others. And the Bible was written as a guideline for us to follow on how to live our lives. There are teachings of discipline and ways of faith. I plan to find them, study them and see what they hold for me in this new journey. And perhaps they may also hold something for you as well.

So, I bring this “wordy” new year post to a close. I hope to see you all come along in my new journey; or, just follow along with my regular stories and poetry. πŸ™‚Β  I hope this new year will bring us all a little closer and bring you what you seek.

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