Day 24 NaNo – In a Funk

Ok, it’s day 24 of NaNoWriMo and I have to admit it…I’m in a funk. Where my word count  should be at 39,985 with the rest of you. I’m stuck at 27,831 words. I know I can catch up but my mind seems to be stuck on personal  problems I’m having.  I can’t seem to pull  myself back up.

With  that in mind, I was able to write a poem concerning my problem. Weird  huh?  I  can’t write on  my novel  but poetry spouts from my fingertips. Life really is a joke. Anyway, here’s that poem (I’ll also put it in my poetry section). I’m putting  it here so you can see my mindset.

See My Words
© By: Lisa M. Gordier, Nov. 23, 2017

How do they not see
the words  before me?
Why do they only see
the tide before them?

The  swirling eddy
of vicious vowels
intertwine with consonants;
causing words to flow endlessly
on a snow white page.

And yet…

They do not see.
The beautiful tide,
seething  to be free
of their shackles and chains,
to whisper in everyone’s ears.

My  words shall have form
and a voice for all.
They will sing out to the wind,
who will whisper to all.

And then they will go,
to hide in the bookshelves.
Lurking in the undertow
of  the inevitable tide.

They cannot see.

So, everyone out there in NaNo land and blogosphere. Am I in a serious funk, or what? I do still know where I want to go  with my story and what I want to do with it. I’m just having  difficult with it at the moment.

(sigh) Well everyone keep those Pens & keyboards going. NaNo only has one more week to go.

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