Day 20 NaNo – In a Quandary

Well, day 20 of NaNoWriMo is here and I’ve surely gotten myself in a quandary. I’ve gotten no further than day 15 with my word count somewhere just above 27,000. Oh woe is me. All things considered, I suppose it’s not completely terrible. I’m only about 6,000 words behind.

Just as reference for yourself, you should hopefully be around 33,320 words (give or take) by the end of the day.

My initial quandary was having difficulty in continuing a particular scene. So, I thought to myself, I’ll add in a couple scenes which I’d been meaning to add in which happen a little bit down the road and then splice them together the way I’d intended. Hmph, silly me. I added the two scenes and then life came along.

That darn thing called life, which is why I missed two more day of both writing &Β  blogging. I had to both work on job and then I came down with a dreaded migraine – which kept me off the computer. Of course when I got better, I still had that dreaded scene staring at me. So I did what I call my “Mind Wipe/Blank”. I put all my writing and computer work aside. I don’t even write letters, bills, you name it – I don’t write it. And I do anything else. I talk to a friend, play video games, whatever….listen to my upstairs neighbor jump on my head.

And now you ask me, “Did it work?” And I tell you that I can’t really say for sure. I feel like I’m still staring into the black hole of an abyss but I might be seeing a light at the end of a tunnel. If I can’t quite yet connect my two dots I might add a third one. I know it seems silly, but at least I’d still be writing.

So everyone embrace your quandaries whole-heartedly! You never know what might come of them. Keep those pens and keyboards going. We’re almost done.

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