#28 – The Tale of Night-Vision Jackson

I love this tale on how to get kids to eat their Veggies, very well written.

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jackson who hated his vegetables. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Yes, but ALL kids hate their vegetables. But Jackson wasn’t like every other kid, he had done his research and had, in fact, found the whole concept of a vegetable extremely distasteful. The idea that they came from the dirt, or grew up out of the dirt, the fact that you have to wash them, present them nicely, peel them, boil them, bake them, put sauce on them… his list went on. His parents had tried everything they could think of to try and get him to eat his vegetables. It took a week-long visit from his grandma for Jackson to learn the truth: That vegetables give you super powers.

The evening ritual went like this: The sun would go down, the table would be set, Jackson would sit in…

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