Day 9 NaNo – Defining Writer’s Block

I missed writing Day Nine of NaNoWriMo altogether. So I’m writing Day nine’s blog before I start my day of Day 10 so I can give you my thoughts of yesterday.

How do we truly define “writer’s block” among us as writers?

  • the classic point where we draw a blank while we’re writing and no words seem to put themselves on the page
  • we have an idea, know what we want to do with it, where to go with it – yet no words to express how to get there seem to go on the page
  • or perhaps when the ideas themselves seem to dry up and our “muse” has left us

We can define writer’s block many different ways but it all comes down to the same thing. We’re having difficulty coming up with either ideas or a continuation of thought pattern.

To help me figure out a way to continue my thoughts, I went on a little “Bing hunt” in relation to the term of “writer’s block”. What I found was a very interesting article on an internet magazine called GIZMODO entitled “The10 Types of Writers’ Block (and How to Overcome Them)”.Β  It’s an informative article on how you can find ways to overcome getting stuck in your writing. I’m hoping I can now go on with mine today.

Anyway, good writing everyone. I look forward to a productive day and I hope everyone is doing the same.

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