Day 8 NaNo – My Trial Begins

Hello everyone! Wow, day eight of NaNoWriMo and I’m really getting into the groove of things. Even though I only wrote 870 words today, putting me at 14,627 words total, I’m still ahead of schedule. If you’re counting your words…you should be at, or around, 13,600 words by the end of the day.

If you’re wondering about the title of my blog today…well, I began writing out a section of my story where my character is put on trial. It’s part of the reason why I only wrote 827 words today. I’ve got not only dialogue, but descriptive aspects of the trial going on. It’s all whirling in my mind on how I want it to play out.

Originally, I had only had it as a small descriptive piece. But then I realized I needed to get the reader involved in the trial itself. Let them see and hear what went on with my  character. How else were they going to understand her? Also, I thought I’d like to put the beginning section here and get some input from you. Let me know what you think.

Thank you all and of course keep those pens going. 😉

For information purposes…Title is: Bio of an Elfin Dragon (Excerpt)

“Now, you stay here until the Council fetches you. You’re to stand for treason.” Kraeth giggled as he walked out of my room, slamming the door behind him.

I stood in the middle of my room stunned. I would have to stand before the Council of Elders which included my mother. I knew this day would come, I’d just hoped I would have far more evidence to persuade them. One family and a few townsfolk weren’t nearly enough.

As I waited I bathed, dressed and prepared myself for the forthcoming knock at my door. I wasn’t sure if it would be Council Guards or just House Guards who would escort me to the Council Chambers. And I wanted to be ready for them.

I was sitting at my desk, writing a letter to my mother when the knock came.

“Enter.” I entreated and the door opened to allow a single House Guard in.

“My Lady Guardian.” He made a short bow. “It’s my duty to inform you that you must appear before the Council when dawn breaks upon the chambers. You must be ready to be escorted at false dawn. And until such time there will be a guard at your door, should you need anything.” He said the last almost apologetically.

I finished off my letter, stood and handed it to him. “Please ensure my mother receives this. I’ll be ready on the morrow.”

The guard looked at the letter a bit sadly. He was one of the younger, newer initiates. “My Lady, Lizal…I..”

I held his hand a moment. “Worry not. All things flow through the circle, the meaning sometimes escapes us but understanding does come.”

He stared at my hands a moment more before pulling his away, turning and walking out my door with my mother’s letter. I watched him walk down the hall a few seconds before noting a Council Guard outside and closing the door. Putting my head against the aging wood, I sighed. There would be one last night of reprieve before my trial. One last night to put thoughts in order and hope I could sway the Council. I did not feel encouraged.

As false dawn broke the next morning, the Council guard knocked at my door. I was ready for the long escorted walk to the Council Chambers.

Like the rest of the city, the Council chambers were carved into the mountain. They were put in the center of the city. Carved into the earth in a bowl like fashion. Columns rise up to hold a carved ceiling which serves as a landing site for dragons who wish to assist with any council decisions. The whole affair is 200 feet in diameter. The ceiling has two staircases which spiral down from the roof eight feet above. The bowl stadium seating extends down 100 feet.

The stadium was designed not just for Council meetings, but for plays, musicals and other meetings – as well as evacuation of the city to the fortress. For at the bottom there is a doorway heading towards the fortress and just inside the door there is a switch which has a spell, when triggered will cause the columns above to collapse and the roof to fall, enclosing the stadium. This was set so if needed, the entire city could be evacuated to the fortress in an easier fashion.

It would take a couple hours to walk from the Fortress to the Council chambers. Time for me to reflect about what I would say. Time for me to see those who would also be at the meeting as they walked along beside me or flew over me. Time to reconcile whether life or death might be my next path.

The Council guard escorted me to the trial stand before the table of the Council of Elders. The most frightening thing was that as Head of the Ruling House, my mother sat between the twelve members. She was always the deciding vote in serious matters. I stood there, waiting in silence, as people continued to fill the stadium and the last few Elders took their seats.

As the first rays of sun touched the chamber, a stronger silence filled the area. Rustlings and murmurs of the crowd ceased. All eyes and ears were now focused on the proceedings which would take place. My own eyes were focused on my mother who would start the proceedings. And she had a very stony look about her. It was the first time I couldn’t read her face. I had no clue what she was thinking and it frightened me. She brought the gavel up and pounded it on the elegantly carved table.

“This meeting of the Council of Elders has been called forth by special inquest into the conduct of Lizalthasheela Ezylquenthanas.” My mother’s voice rang clear. “Who is it that brings the charges and what are they?”

“I do.” Kraeth stepped up from the chair he’d been sitting in behind me. “Kraethmelnshon Firotan. And the charges are consorting with the undesirable race of Humans and treason against the society of Elves.”

There was a collective gasp from the elves in the crowd. The charges Kraeth were bringing against me were often punishable by no less than death. The Elders, however, kept their composure.

“Those are serious accusations Kraethmelnshon. Do you have proof or witnesses to back them?” my mother asked.

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