Day 7 NaNo – Achieve Your Goals

Today is day seven of NaNoWriMo and I’m still in Migraine hell. Well, it comes and goes… mostly come. But I did manage to write 563 words of dialogue for my story. (hooray!) So my total word count is up to 13,757 and I’ll take it. If you’veΒ  been on pace with your word count, you should be around 11,900 words or so.

Today I was getting down on myself because I could write as much as I wanted to. Everytime I tried to my eyes would blur, my head would ache or (of all things) I’d fall asleep. But a good friend reminded me that NaNo isn’t just about getting to that 50,000 words. It’s the act ofΒ  writing itself. The goals you achieve during NaNo. Those are the important things.

For instance, this year for me I’ve so far achieved:

  • writing more dialogue into my story
  • being more careful with my descriptive words
  • surpassed my previous year’s word count

So if you’re having difficulty getting in that writing mood, I suggest you write out some goals you want to achieve. They can be small things, such as the fact you just want to write something every day (it doesn’t have to be 1,700 words). Or it can be larger goals such as placing a more descriptive scene writing within your story.

Whatever goals you plan on having this year, write them down somewhere you can see them. And always remember, NaNo is about the act of writing not the act of finishing (even though it’s nice).

Keep those pens and computer keys going. πŸ™‚

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