Day 6 NaNo – Roadblock

Day six of NaNoWriMo has arrived and as the suggested title of this particular blog suggests, I hit a roadblock today. Not in the traditional sense of writer’s block roadblock, but in health wise roadblock.

I’m sure there are several of us who suffer from different ailments out there. And those ailments can hinder our goals to write. So we have to know how to “go with the flow”, so to speak. And also, take care of ourselves. This goes along with yesterday’s blog, of “Taking Time for You”.Β  Doing so allows you to help avoid those roadblock ailments.

I was mentioning what was stopping me today. I suffer from chronic migraines. And, of course, the best cure is often sleep, a dark room, and medication. All this means I don’t get too much writing done. One of the causes of my migraines is too much computer (or TV) time. (Hazards of a writer) Thus I learn to pace myself. I do have other ailments but the migraine kicks me every time.

For other news…I was able to write 1,055 words today, bringing my total word count to 13,194 words.Β  If you are on track with your word count for your novel…you should be at around 10,200, give or take a few words.

Keep on writing everyone. We’ll get to the end of that novel together.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 NaNo – Roadblock

  1. Kim

    Good luck with your migraines.. that must be hard 😦 can you write long hand? Even if it’s just notes for what you want to write with your limited computer usage


  2. elfindragonlisag

    Thank you. And unfortunately with regards to writing for novels I have to stick with using my computer for writing because I also have arthritis/joint pain. I can write short notes or letters on paper but when it comes to needing to write several thousand words? (shrug) I’m even considering getting a Dragon type software program because the typing is starting to get difficult. (sigh) But I do love to write and I know I can figure it out. I think I’m going to look into a glare reducing screen. I know they have those. Darn, I’m rambling. Thanks again. πŸ™‚


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