Day 4 – NaNo – Into the Dialogue

Ok folks, we are movin’ and groovin’ into day four of NaNoWriMo. I have worked my way into chapter five of my novel (hooray) and did 1,942 words. It brings my total words written up-to-date at 10,593! By a word counter, I’m 21% ofΒ  the way to completion.

I hope that everyone else is on track with their approximate 1,700 words. You should have in the midst of 6,800 words by days end.

I know dialogue is something everyone is probably utilizing at this moment. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to get into our character’s minds. Or, for that matter, the characters which surround them for even the briefest of moments. You know who I mean…the store vendors, aides, restaurant attendees, any average joe just passing by.

What I’m saying is don’t underestimate the words of a very minor character on your main character or even a henchman. Even a simple bowl of soup made by a chef can have an effect on your character.

  • ex: TV Show Gotham; Character Penguin – Invited to lunch by rival Sophia Falcon (mob boss’s daughter). Eats a bowl of soup and becomes enraged, storms out. (why?)
    • Answer – the recipe is his mother’s who had been murdered while he watched (Sophia had found the recipe and had the chef cook it, she did not tell Penguin – motive yet to be uncovered)

Now, as you can imagine, a dialogue was exchanged during this lunch between Penguin and Sophia – I’ll not tell you what (evil grin). If you’ve not seen this episode, I’d like you to use it as an exercise for dialogue. What was Sophia telling the chef before Penguin came? Was she talking to those setting up the table? Was Penguin talking to anyone, plotting anything? What was the dinner conversation? What did Penguin say about the soup? What did Sophia say? Why did Penguin storm out?

So, lots to work with. And last, but not least…Over on my friendly WDC website, a friend posted a YouTube video by Elmore Leonard and his thoughts on writing. I found it very insightful and relevant. I hope you do as well.

Elmore Leonard on Writing

Remember to keep those pens and keyboards going. We’ve only just begun NaNo.

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