Β© By: Lisa M. Gordier, November 2, 2017 (104 words, 28 lines)

Come have fun with me and see what you can write. This is my entry for….Contest: Writer’s Cramp – Writer’s.Com

Bump, dip, crunch

Potholes and iron plates

Network of plastic cones

Long maze to navigate


Speed reducing signs

Orange-jacketed men

Large yellow machines

Street rumbling beneath me


A string of endless cars

Heat of autumn sun

Blare of Mexican radio

Tempers ready to flare


Base of a drum

Adds to a jackhammer

Slow turn of signal lights

Cause some to honk horns


A steady rhythm begins

Coast, bump, dip, stop

Mexican beat grinds

Strange, soothing tones


Until suddenly

Clear of construction

Shocked into alertness

Gladly leave all behind


For my siren call

Of home sweet home

All is as I choose

And nothing more


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