A Vision of Magic

© Lisa M. Gordier, August 2000; edited April 29, 2014 (501 words) (A Story example of using 5 senses to describe my favorite thing)Day 2 – NaNo: Are Your Scenes Together?

While walking upon a beach of white sand I came upon a wondrous creature.  A dragon men would call it, and might fear it as well.

She lay upon the beach with her tail swishing gently in the low surf.  Her wings folded along her sides, casually laid, and looking like aged leather.  The sunlight which streamed from above, danced across her scales creating highlights of iridescent blues along her length.  It was that length which would frighten men most.  She was at least sixty-five feet from nose to tail with a color so black as to create a hole in the space she occupied.

As I gazed upon this creature seemingly made of glittering scales and empty space, I made my decision.  I walked towards the dragon and she turned her head to look straight upon me.  As she did so; I gazed into eyes of molten silver, glowing as if fresh from a forge-fire.  But as I looked and walked closer I saw an intelligence and wisdom far beyond my own lurking behind those glowing eyes.

Taking a deep breath for the courage I would need, my lungs were filled with the smell of cinnamon-apples, sweet hay and honey-suckle mixed enticingly with the salt air.  I stretched my hand to touch those glittering scales behind her head.  They were smooth as silk and hard as rocks, with edges sharper than any blade I knew and would cut to the bone before I would know they had done so.

I slid my hand down the length of those silky scales until I came to her wings. I had expected them to be firm, stiff leather but they were not.  The leather between her wing-bones felt like the softest suede worked until it moved and folded with the greatest of ease.  At the same moment they were firm, strong and unyielding to my hand.  I knew they would hold her in the gentlest of winds or in a storm which the winds raged and tore at the strongest of man-made things.

Suddenly, she moved away from me.  She did not move as one might expect a creature of her size to.  She moved gracefully as a dancer caught in her own music and time. When she had moved twenty feet from me, she sat upon her haunches and unfolded her wings.  I could not guess the length of those wings for they seemed to stretch beyond my sight.

I watched as she lifted her head to the sky and a sound of distant thunder and brass flutes issued forth as if to say farewell.  Then, slowly and gracefully, the dragon’s great wings lifted her into the gentle sea air and I watched as she became nothing but a black speck upon a cloudless sky and the flutes finally fading into the crashing sea. As I sought to catch the last of that fading music, her name echoed through the depths of my soul.  Oolong, the black dragon, royalty among the skies.


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