Day 1 – NaNo & Write-In

What do you know! It’s Day one of NaNoWriMo and if you’re not writing your first 1,700 or so words, you should be well on your way.

For me, since it’s the first of the month, I had to start out the day with balancing my checkbook and writing that rent check. I had to make sure to clear my calendar of the important issues (roof over head, food to eat) before tackling that novel.

Of course since I’m doing a complete re-write of what I’ve already written for my fantasy novel (seven chapters). I sat down and plugged myself in at about 10:00am. I quickly realized I had no need of the prologue I’d written, so out it went. And the first and second chapters got a complete re-write today. A whole new flow is starting to happen. All told, I got a total of 3,035 words done.

I’m also involving myself in some Virtual Write-Ins via the and WordNerds.Β  The Virtual Write-Ins are doing some word associations, word prompts and different timed writings to get your brain thinking. They’re great ways to take a break and think outside the box for your novel.

Also, don’t forget, that NaNoWriMo has fixed sites for Write-Ins that you can join. You can go and join other authors to sit and ask questions, bounce ideas, or just write in the company of others. Also remember a lot of these are often at libraries and book stores so you can also have reference materials available!

Keep that smile onΒ  your face and your pen/keys flowing.



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