2 Days ‘Til NaNo – RU Ready?

As the title says, it’s two days until NaNo. Are you ready to start writing your 50,000 word novel? I mentioned, briefly, what you would want to set up in my previous article for a successful, peaceful, place for writing.

  1. We all want a place free of distractions
    1. No one coming in or out of the area while you’re writing
    2. No loud noises you don’t want – ie: loud music (if you don’t like listening to it while writing), keep the TV off, etc.
  2. Have your computer, paper, pencil/pens, erasures or whatever writing utensils available.
  3. Ensure you have a dictionary and thesaurus available, especially the later. You may think having them available on the internet is sufficient…but there are some items which don’t show on an internet thesaurus that will show on a book thesaurus. And there is the fact you may decide to do some writing off-line one day and need it. It’s a good investment.
  4. Have a comfortable place to sit with plenty of light
  5. Plan a specific time to write each day – you’ll want enough time to write your 1,700 words. Whether you plan to do it all in one chuck or broken up during the day is up to you.
  6. Last, Make sure you’ve signed up with NaNoWriMo.org so you can ensure you can keep up with all the latest info for NaNo.

The last item I mentioned, NaNoWriMo.org…they have affiliates in many States across the country. Here in my state they’re hosting a “Midnight Dash” where writers in the city can get together on the eve of NaNo and begin writing together. They’re also hosting several “Write-Ins” throughout the month at different locations throughout my city city for the same purpose.

My suggestion to you is find out if NaNoWriMo.org is hosting any “Write-Ins” in your city. It’s always more fun to write something like this with others than on your own. Especially if you like to bounce ideas around with someone. If you can’t find any in your city, NaNoWriMo.org also hosts “virtual Write-Ins” which can be just as fun.

So, dust off those notepads & pencils everyone. Featherdust the cobwebs out of your brains. It’s just about that time again. I’ll see you all in the NaNoWriMo chats.

4 thoughts on “2 Days ‘Til NaNo – RU Ready?

  1. Soothing Sense

    I oscillate between “Yes, I’m ready” and complete terror! But mainly, today at least, I’m feeling super excited!!!!! Just got to finish tidying the house for a truly distraction-free environment … and I think your post might have given me the push I need! I’ve popped a couple of NaNo posts on my blog if you’re interested – my survival kit and some tips on how to prepare for a winning NaNo (although I think you have that covered judging from this post!) Have a wonderful NaNo!


  2. elfindragonlisag

    It is indeed lovely. This year I was almost not going to do it because I hadn’t done my October Prep. But then I received my annual note from NaNoWriMo.org and all the places they were going to have Write-Ins and it changed my mind. I knew I wouldn’t have to write my novel by myself. At least I knew there’d be a support system.

    You see other than my poetry book, this is my first real novel I’m writing. It’s always a bit daunting to me when I come up to NaNo. Last year I made it to 15,000 words. I know i have to do better than that if I want a good fantasy novel.


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