Escape the Darkness

A wonderful and thoughtfully inspired piece of poetry.

The Writing Process

Escape the Darkness

The darkness is a scary place,
I know this to be true.
I lived there for so many years,
The shadows always grew.

No matter the size of the crowd,
I was left on my own.
Surrounded by many who cared,
And yet I was alone.

No one could understand the pain,
They could not see my tears.
They never knew what they could say,
To push away my fears.

I was always filled with worry,
I found it hard to sleep.
Often thinking of what went wrong,
The sorrow was so deep.

But now my life has turned around,
My thoughts are not so blue.
I have found my way to the light,
This feeling is so new.

I’m not afraid to face my past,
I know it’s always there.
But I’m a different person now,
I’m happy and I care.

If you are lost within…

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