Approaching NaNoWriMo

As many writers know National Novel Writers Month (or NaNoWriMo/NaNo) is quickly approaching us. I’m not sure how many of my fellow writers/bloggers out there are planning on participating, but here’s one Elf who is a glutton for punishment this year.

For those who don’t know, NaNo is a month long endeavor to write the ultimate 50,000 word novel. And yes, I did say one month -30 days to write 50,000 words. It’s not impossible, many have done it -not me (yet). I still have faith I can do it.

During my journey next month, I will endeavor to blog about my progress/failure. We still have one more week before the fated day arrives. So I will be gathering my resources and preparing my writing area to be as comfy as possible. I will also pray for my fellow writers who are taking up their pens, pencils, and keyboards with me. May we all not suffer the wrath of our writing muses next month.

If you have not officially signed up for NaNo or are new to the idea, I’ve included a link below. The official NaNo site is very good at filling in any needed information. They also have local branches and people to assist and write with. Again, good luck and God speed everyone.

Click here if you’re interestedΒ NaNoWriMo

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